basically, i bet you'll see

the clown king of gladiolus station and everyone's favorite lyra

written by abel

INTERACTION WARNING for death/violence, manipulation, and mental illness (psychosis, depression, PTSD)

at first i'm not quite what i seem!

every day is just the same.

name: kokichi ouma
age: 20
birthday: june 21st
orientation: GAY LEGEND
relationship status: taken (finally)
pronouns: he/they

height: 5'1" (156 cm)
division: lyra
unit: supporter
rank: supernova

mbti: entp
zodiac: gemini
alignment: chaotic good
enneagram: the loyalist

(picking names, repeating faces)

everything is show and tell


transmutation 2 - transmute parts of his body and objects

illusion 1 - sound and image illusions where he can see; dispelled by touch

healing 2 - heal large injuries, speed up healing process of bones. minor injury recovery or resistance buff for the party


electrobomb: disables electronics within 50 yards for 2 hours
remote control: controls most electrical devices so long as the receiver is attached
electrohammer: temporarily disables electrical devices

supporter goggles: allows them to see the status of their party members

and things are played off somewhat well!

show a smile, we're rather bored


giovanni potage
nicholas rush
peter parker


lio fotia
trafalgar law
hajime hinata
susie haltmann(+?)
date kaname
mochizou miwa(+)


forrest hawkmoth
nico seren


w. d. gaster
amaryllis swallowtail
bulrush bumblebee
nagito komaeda

nothing lines up anymore!

show a smile, we're rather bored.

scint-boob (deactivated)

Shuuichi Saihara

a love that knows no bounds

it's complicated, to say the least. missing memories from other worlds and their (primarily ouma's) insecurities keep them from putting a name to their relatioship. that doesn't stop everyone from saying they're dating, though.

update: they datin

Kaito Momota

the real killing game busters

haha what an idiot. ouma loves poking fun and making him mad. still, there's something of a bond there... they could be considered friends, though ouma would deny it. he does have a degree of trust in him after what they've been through.

they're also gay now damn i need to update this apge


Nicholas Rush

sometimes your uncle is nuts and so are you

his "uncle." an old friend from new zodiac city that, despite his gruff appearance and grumpy attitude, seems to have a soft spot for ouma. they've exchanged some pretty painful memories, both figuratively and literally. ouma also shot him a couple times but they're pretty sure he's over it.

W. D. Gaster

break a leg! or two.

they certainly have a history! ouma's nosiness has gotten him into trouble more than once, and digging into gaster's business had some pretty painful consequences. they've both seemed to calm down since their days in new zodiac; they're content to just ignore and avoid each other as much as possible.

Susie Haltmann

can you open the fridge for me

it's hard to tell if they actually like each other or not. "friend" isn't quite the right word to use, but neither is "enemy." they've had their fair share of arguments, but ouma admires that she's never afraid to speak her mind. he's still mad she rigged the fridge to keep him out, though.

Trafalgar Law

sometimes your blood type is f to pay respects

this man activates the paranoia brain and ouma never really knows what to think of him but knowing he cares in his weird pirate doctor way is kind of reassuring sometimes a few times a year.


Peter Parker

you are my daaad... you're my dad! boogie woogie woogie!

well, not quite a father figure, but someone ouma looks up to. they call him "dad" as a joke. he can be super awkward and he's WAY behind the times, having come from the 1930's, but ouma likes him. they don't even mind the spider motif!

Nagito Komaeda


god, he's one of the most annoying people ouma's ever met. sometimes they feel sympathy for what seems to be severely low self-esteem, but he never stops putting himself down and preaches about "normal" people - which is to say, the untalented - having no worth. ouma wants to shake him.